The Deactivator Glove

Built in patented mold trains you to promote the proper grip pressure so you can take a smooth swing time after time

Built in pressure pad absorbs additional unwanted pressure from pressing the thumb too tightly on the grip during the swing

Alignment guide puts your grip in the perfect position every time, no more guessing

Automatically Gives You
Proper Grip Pressure and
Grip Position!

Palm alignment dot puts your lead hand on top of the club for maximum control

Deactivate unwanted muscle tension
Straighten your slice
No more hooks!
Promote Proper grip pressure
Instant Feedback, works in minutes

ONLY $29.99
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Deactivator

Gripping the club properly is arguably one of the most important fundamentals in golf, however most golfers do not grip the club properly. The golfer needs to learn the proper grip, and grip pressure to enable themselves to hit consistent shots with there swing. The grip is often ignored by many golfers and is one of the MAJOR reasons why they lose interest in the game so suddenly. The golfer often tends to stop playing the game, convincing themselves they don’t know how to play the game due to this frustration.The simplest way to learn golf is to learn the correct grip for an easy golf swing.

A few words to remember by the Golf legend Ben Hogan;
“The most important thing is THE GRIP!”

The Deactivator is a golf swing training device that will deactivate the unwanted muscle tension caused by gripping the club to tightly during the swing. Considering the importance of the grip in the swing, our company – Swing Magic has launched a product that will allow you to create the proper grip and grip pressure needed to hit consistent shots time and time again. The name of the product was finalized after hundreds of hours of testing and research showing the benefits of a proper grip and grip pressure for the average golfer. Finally it was named as The Deactivator, which means to deactivate unwanted muscle tension in the arms and hands of the golfer to help eliminate stress from a golfer’s mind and promote a proper grip and grip pressure naturally.

The Deactivator allows the golfer to maintain proper position and control with any club. During a golf training session, you will be taught that the primary grip pressure should be applied by the small, middle and ring finger of each hand. The Deactivator plays an important role in following that rule.


Check1 Teaches Correct Grip Position
Check 2 More back spin, distance, & consistency
Check 3 No More Tight Grip
Check 4 Shoot Lower Scores
Check 5 Cure Your Slice
Check 6 Swing With Confidence
Check 7 Take Control of Your Game
Check 8 It Starts With The Grip

If you have the interest in playing golf, we will turn it into passion!

The Objective of ‘The Deactivator

A huge list of satisfied customer reviews have made us feel proud to consider this product as THE golf swing training device! For any sports activity, you need the proper tools and instruments to give you more confidence in playing the game. Our golf training device performs the role of an important tool to learn an easy golf swing. The Deactivator will make you a better golfer in no time!.

Top Five Major Benefits of The Deactivator!

Training Aid:

The Deactivator is a perfect tool for golf swing training. It is an inexpensive yet not cheap golf aid that will teach you the proper grip and grip pressure so you can swing like the Pro’s! The Deactivator will teach you the proper grip position and grip pressure pressure by following the simple built in grip guides.

Increased Consistency:

The golfer often makes the mistake of gripping the club to tightly unsure of how to properly hold the club. This creates unwanted tension in the forearms, upper arms and into the shoulders making for a very rigid and uncomfortable golf swing. The Deactivator acts like a magical wand that allows you to properly hold the club with the right position and pressure allowing for a nice easy golf swing.

Neutral Perfect Grip:

Stress on the hands, arms and the shoulders cause more frustration to the golfer and take from there concentration.This makes it nearly impossible to make a consistent swing. The The Deactivator has built in alignment guides and buffer pads that put your grip in a neutral perfect position and allow you to take a nice easy golf swing every time. 

Lower Your Score:

Many people like to boast about about their golf swing skills, however few can really back it up with consistent scores. Most players golf scores look similar to the roller coaster rides you see at amusement parks. By learning the proper Grip and Grip pressure you can be one of the few that can actually back it up, and feel confident and proud of the way you play the game! TheDeactivator is the perfect golf training aid aid to help you do this on a consistent basis making your friends green with envy!

Control Your Shots:

It makes good logic sense to accept that when you have the proper golf Grip, you can easily control your golf shots and your game! Amaze the audience by striking the ball with power and consistency just like the Pro’s! The Deactivator has gone through various testing methods and phases to ensure our product is delivering what we say it is and is also why we offer a 100% money back guarantee! If you are unhappy with your purchase you can return within 30 days for a full refund! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Things to Remember While Playing Golf:

A golfer needs to go through a lot of high-quality instructional tutorials and videos on golf training to improve. Apart from the online golf videos, there is a lot of practice required in learning to play golf like a professional player. Sometimes, the continuous practice may make the golfer tired and frustrated, due to various pressures supplied on the shoulder, forearms and hands. It becomes a big challenge to maintain consistent energy while playing the actual golf tournament. This was one of the key areas observed by the experts at Swing Magic and so they launched a friendly golf training aid The Deactivator’, which understands and releases the pain while practicing.

Here are a few tips to remember:

1. Always remember that your weight shift and the club head must always be in the same direction. This will help you to move towards the target in a comfortable manner.

2. Learn the amount of energy or strength required to generate power. If you consider the example of turbines that generate power, your shoulders and arms are the transmissions which send the signals to the lever to generate power. The muscles of your legs, back and hips are your turbines. The right source helps to transfer the energy into your body that generates power to hit the target with your club.

3. Do not forget to do some stretching exercises for your back, shoulders and arms so that the muscles are relaxed to make the movements while bending and holding the club.

4. Prepare for your game. Take the support of TheDeactivator and practice, practice and practice! If practice makes a man perfect, then TheDeactivator makes a golfer professionally perfect.

5. You also need to do some warm up exercises during your practice sessions too. Repeat every exercise 5 times before you begin the game.

6. The gold swing moment is a challenging event. As a professional golfer, draw an imaginary line in your mind to make a nice shot. We call it the line of Confidence! Every shot you make must deliver your confidence and expertise in that game.

7. Never come to the golf course in an unprepared manner. This also includes the weather condition. Avoid all the hurdles that may make you look like a beginner who is nervous to play his first tournament.

All the above tips look like a piece of cake, if you know that there is a product that could make a smooth start for you, irrespective of how new you are in the game of golf. The exercises become comfortable, the confidence increases, the grip is smooth and the swing is magical, with the help of TheDeactivator.

Take a live experience of The Deactivator and submit your reviews to us. We would love to hear your stories of success with the help of The Deactivator and share it with the others to increase their interest for golf. Swing magic‎ strives hard to meet the customer expectations and provide satisfactory results and thus, your every query is important to us. You are most welcome to reach us anytime of the day.